Firefox on Ubuntu Jammy looses focus

Hi there,

I just upgraded my ubuntu 20.04 to 22.04 (jammy) with Gnome 3 and Wayland, I switched to Firefox snap instead of repo package.

Suddenly I noticed an issue: sometimes when I hover with mouse on a link on a web page, I lose focus, links are not recognized by the pointer until I click on the page.

Just tried to reset, reinstall and cleaning Firefox boot cache, nothing works. So I switched back again to FF repo package version and problem gone.

I don’t know how to fix and I will remain with repo package until someone suggests me a solution. Thanks!

Could you please file an upstream bug, with details about the snap version, your desktop environment and any customizations to it, and share the link here? Thanks!

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Sure! Here is the link:


Thanks, let’s continue the investigation there.

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