Firefox nightly (firefox-trunk)

In addition to the firefox snap installed from, I also use firefox-trunk, which I installed from a ppa.

I’m grateful for the official firefox snap. But I’d also really appreciate having firefox nightly (firefox-trunk) available as a separate snap.

REQUEST: Please consider publishing firefox nightly as a separately installable snap.

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The Firefox snap is published directly by Mozilla. So the best place to request that someone put effort into maintaining a nightly build is Mozilla’s contact points. Don’t expect too much, though, because it is not trivial to maintain a snap and a nightly build is likely to require their (Mozillians’) manual input regularly.

FWIW there are currently two tracks for Firefox: latest and ESR; so it is expected that if there were a nightly release added it would be in a separate track, not a separate snap.


Nightly is now available in the latest track, under the edge channel (for amd64 only). And it can be installed in parallel with the stable and/or beta version, see How to install a snap application in multiple versions from multiple channels?.


@oSoMoN Why doesn’t it come with daily translation updates?
Currently we can download edge builds with translation changes from

The nightly builds of the firefox snap do include the latest translation updates. They are being pulled from

@oSoMoN I found the problem. when update an existing firefox edge snap to a new build, it doesn’t replace (or remove) old translations properly . (so user must uninstall and reinstall it)

Also, recently i installed a separate snap (sudo snap install firefox_0 --edge) and it doesn’t have that problem.

I didn’t reproduce it multiple times. you can investigate further and fix

snapd 2.56.2+22.04ubuntu1 series 16
ubuntu 22.04

I see what you mean. The snap contains the latest language packs, but it seems firefox doesn’t copy them over the old ones in the profile directory. I can confirm that in my up-to-date nightly snap install, where about:support reports that the version of langpacks in the profile directory is 106.0a1buildid20220822.190304 whereas the version shipped in /snap/firefox/current/usr/lib/firefox/distribution/extensions/ is 106.0a1buildid20220907.174150.

Would you mind filing a bug to track the issue, and sharing the link to it here?

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Sorry, now i saw your comment