Firefox cannot drag and drop

I updated to ubuntu 22.04.1 which installs the Firefox snap version. Since then I am not able to use Video Downloadhelper (other issue) or the most simple thing like drag and drop and image into Gimp or the file manager (Thunar in mumy case) because the file /tmp/dnd_file/… does not exist.

I assume this has to do with the sandbox snaps are in.

I have not been able to find it yet but shouldn’t it be very simple for users to change the permissions for a snap? Where can I do that?

Drag’n’dropping an image file opened in a firefox tab to nautilus works as expected here, it does save the file in the target directory. This might be a thunar-specific issue. Can you please report it as a bug upstream? Please make sure to share details on your desktop environment.

Could it be Thunar when I am dragging into Gimp? Is Firefox Snap using Thunar to store a file? I see the directory /dnd_file is not created and no files appear. When I do create /dnd_file, then a folder /dbd_file-1 is expected, which is also not created.

When I drag from Firefox to a Thunar Window, I get a modal dialog for copying files and an error message “Error when getting information for file ‘/tmp/dnd_file-1/something.jpg’. No such file or directory.”

When drag and drop, Firefox stores a temp file that is copied to the folder I drag it to. Same happens when dragging into Gimp, it stores a temp file that is supposed to be opened with Gimp, but the file does not exist.

I am using Xubuntu 22.04.1, so XFCE.

I installed Dolphin but that gives the same error. To me (and I am a software developer) that feels like the temp file is not written properly.

Is it because the temp folder is in /tmp and has something to do with permissions? I have no idea how the permissions of a sandboxed snap are set up.

My /tmp has read/write for all (1777).

Which portal implementation does XUbuntu use? It’s probably being handled by the portal, which explains why it works under GNOME on Ubuntu.

Erm… I don’t know how to answer that because I don’t know what a portal implementation is in this context. How can I check that?

I can confirm the problem with dnd to e.g. gimp.

The relevant code indeed writes the file to /tmp which in the context of the firefox snap is a private directory (/tmp/snap.firefox/tmp) which isn’t accessible to other apps like gimp.

Would you mind filing a bug to track the issue on the upstream bug tracker? Thanks!


Thanks for checking that out. Bug has been filed!

Can you share a link to that bug here, for future reference?

Of course:

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