Firefox and access to mounted drives

Not sure is this correct place to post this, so apologize in advance.

I am using Firefox snap and I have some issues with uploading any file that is from mounted drive. All of them are mounted under /home/username/Mounts/. All of them are NTFS but I doubt that has anything with it. When I drag and drop I see this in journal. Drives are mounted using Disks.

kernel: audit: type=1400 audit(1682333472.578:150): apparmor="DENIED" operation="open" class="file" profile="snap.firefox.firefox" name="/home/username/Mounts/SSData/14_04.svg" pid=5721 comm=496E6465786564444220233136 requested_mask="r" denied_mask="r" fsuid=1000 ouid=0