Firefox access to /mnt

This other thread discusses FF getting access to /media via: snap connect firefox:removable-media

But, how do you go about it for access to /mnt??

Is there a way to change access restrictions an already installed snap to specific devices/folders?? (i.e. /mnt/…)

Or… do I need to uninstall, and reinstall firefox manually using the ‘classic’ confinement (but then, what’s the point of using snap)? Do I need to create a custom ‘interface’? The documentation lost me pretty quickly. :frowning:

Note: I installed this new version of FF using Ubuntu’s Software Center (I also have an older FF version manually installed and it works as usual).

there will be a “mnt” interface in 2.34… seems @zyga-snapd is working on that:


I think it will slide to 2.35 though.

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Great work on this tool!

I guess in the interim I’ll setup separate home directory for stuff being saved from FF and maybe chron a move to where they should be.

Kinda too bad snap doesn’t just have its own group though.

every snap has full access to ~/snap/<snapname>/current (i.e. for firefox that’s ~/snap/firefox/current, which is the app’s “home”) you could just create a “mnt” subdir in there and bind mount whatever you want from /mnt (or mount the disk directly there instead under /mnt) if you already think about cron jobs and such…

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Note that the interface will likely be bundled with removable-media.

Let’s follow up this topic in:

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