Firefox 125

Why snap is offering 125.0 as a latest version of Firefox? Firefox 125.0 was skipped in favor of 125.0.1

The latest stable should be… snap version 125.0.1-1

Due to a high-severity quality issue discovered shortly before release, the 125.0 release was skipped in favor of 125.0.1.

latest/stable 125.0-1 (this is Firefox 125.0)

latest/candidate 125.0.1-1 (this is Firefox 125.0.1)

The Firefox snap is published by Mozilla directly and follows their own release schedule.

Mozilla do tend to use progressive releases to release the update in batches, for example I see similar with Firefox for Android; so it’s not an uncommon practise for Firefox in general.

Ultimately though this means you’d have to ask Mozilla directly as to why an update is delayed.