Finish overlord reorg to enable further work

When we merged the reorg work in

we had to undo some work toward the end to make it easier to cut 2.23.6:

undo commit

I would like to reapply the undo bits and finish that, so that can I proceed with changing how lock patterns for the snapstate handlers, a prereq for further work in

any objections?

As a reminder: this will moves handlers out of snapmgr.go into handlers.go! any pending PR with changes in that area will need to fix the conflict

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Since we have a release branch for 2.23.6 (release/2.23) I think we can just do it. The only remark would be that if future changes conflict they should be targeting 2.23 release branch directly rather than being a cherry pick from a squashed master branch.

Sounds good to me as well.

@niemeyer @mvo proposed with this.

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@pstolowski this is now merged, probably conflicts with your config PR

@pedronis Indeed. I’ve fixed the conflicts, PR #3070 should be good again now.