FingerPaint (draw with touchpad or sign a signature easily) - only non-beginner friendly installation available!

This utility lets you draw using your laptop’s touchpad on Linux. Pressing any key or clicking the touchpad will finish the drawing.

The installation is now through terminal and pip only. Most users don’t want to open a terminal or might not even know what this terminal is. Nor do the majority definitely not know what pip is.

Open “app store” click to install and run is the way many think it should be in this day and age. Why are the developers often not considering all kinds of people? Handicapped people for instance are not in the optimal position as things are already more technical than necessary i think.

Easy software installation and running the software should be a thing for everyone already and snaps help. So much thanks for Canonical on pushing them. It benefits the big picture!

Hello there, I’m the original developer of this utility :slight_smile:.

The app currently has no UI to save the file, so it must be called from the terminal.

I don’t use Ubuntu (I use Pop!_OS), since I think snaps have deep technological flaws, but im not opposed to packaging this app once it has a save UI.

If you would like to see this happen, simply open an issue in the repo you linked :slight_smile:.