Finding SPI interface on core20/rpi4

According to the documentation it is possible to use snap connections and see the available spi slots. Except running that on a fresh install of Core20 on an rpi4 with an spi consuming snap installed doesn’t give me any spi interfaces. Yet checking ls /dev/spi*gives me spidev0.0 and spidev0.1.

Had a look in the snap.yaml and config.txt for the pi snap and according to that spi is enabled.

I saw the earlier post from 2019 where this was an issue with the pi3 image (I’m on a pi4) but that issue seems to have been resolved.

What am I missing to connect my snap to an spi device?

looks fine over here …

ogra@kodi:~$ snap connections --all|grep spi
spi                      -                                          pi:spidev0              -
spi                      -                                          pi:spidev1              -

and here is one where i have snaps actively using SPI devices:

$ snap connections |grep spi
spi                  mcp3008-test:spi               pi3:spidev0           manual
spi                  tntwatch:spi                  pi3:spidev0           manual
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ah, added the --all flag to snap connections. Thats an… annoying mistake to make on my part. Thank you kindly Ogra.

Might I suggest the flag be added to the documentation for the spi interface?

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@degville ^^^

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