Feelback on the test of the **am-okay** program

Hi @Snapcrafters .

It would help me evolve without stopping me from evolving, if you test and give feedback on a program that I implemented called am-okay.

It is a program that partly imitates the Linux cp command but dynamically. The use of the program itself partly reflects how to copy/cut files/directories in a graphical environment and paste them where access is permitted, but it goes beyond that (once the program is installed run the Linux command man am-okay to see all the possible actions with the current version of the program) .

Here is the Github link where the program is located: https://github.com/baldeuniversel/linux.git

You can either install it directly (of course after downloading it) via dpkg or install it via this package manager that I implemented which is located on the same Gihub repository (its name is meo) .

I would also like to know if such a program deserves classic confinement or not on snap.

Be free to express yourself (I like criticism :slight_smile: , especially if it is informed).

what does this even mean?

Hi ! @goldstar611 .

I appeal to your enlightened philanthropy on a program that I wrote called am-okay (see message above).

I won’t be testing the applications, but I had a quick look. I note it’s a zsh shell script. The snap core doesn’t bundle zsh, but does bundle bash. So if you’re making a snap of am-okay, you’ll need to bundle zsh. Here’s a sample yaml, which I have not tested. It assumes the shell script am-okay is in snap/local/bin

name: am-okay
version: 0
summary: Short description
description: A longer description goes here.

    command: bin/am-okay
      - home
      - removable-media

    plugin: dump
    source: snap/local
      - zsh

Something like that anyway.

Hi ! @popey .

Thanks for your gesture. :slightly_smiling_face:

The program must be installed via its deb format, and tested afterwards. :pray:

Sorry, no. I’m not downloading and installing random debs from the internet. I don’t need to do that, in order to assist you making a snap.

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Hi ! @popey . It’s done, you can install it via snap .

I can use this program for use zsh?

Hi @tbss ! Yep , you can use it in a zsh prompt/shell .

whould like install other cli prograns in snap

How can I ask you to create new terminal-focused snaps?

@tbss , that’s interesting .

Do you want to do that with me ? :slight_smile:

How musescore its obsolete

I whould like a tlp for my steam deck (battery)

And lilypond (denemo or update musescore too)

Man and info packages for second

@tbss , I didn’t quite understand what you said about this message, would you like ?

Lilypond lynx man info tlp

@tbss , I find that interesting .

But for man and info, I think that this would require an understanding with the founders or senior managers of snap.

By defining by default a general database for any snap program, it would be possible to insert files written in groff or troff (file format compatible with man and info) in this last. In this sense we could display the program documentation by executing for example a command like: snap man my-snap-program

I like play pokete too

There are many command line programs that could be added

Wget neofetch acpi between outris

Yep, @tbss . There are a lot to do. However, much has been done.

Yes, its good use htop and links for example

Yep ! @tbss .

Were you able to test the am-okay program ? :slightly_smiling_face: