Feature request: Support automated upstream update checking

I would like to request a feature to allow snap publishers automatically notified software upstream releases by the Snap Store infrastructure, possible via:

  1. The publisher designs a scriptlet for checking upstream release(possibly via API querying or webpage parsing), this scriptlet should output a version string that matches the snap version
  2. The snap store’s infrastructure runs the scriptlet routinely (possibly in a containerized environment, with limited processing resources and a time limit) and got the upstream version string
  3. The snap store’s infrastructure compares the upstream version string and the snap’s version string in the stable channel, and when it’s not matched (a.k.a. upstream has a new release):
    • Notify the publisher via e-mail or other means
    • (Possibly if toggled) automatically trigger a snap rebuild and/or snap publish

The benefits:

  • Snaps that use pre-built binaries from the upstream website without a new release notification mechanism
  • Snaps that are not directly hooked to the upstream repository, and thus not able to support automated builds
  • Snaps that have a non-GitHub upstream repository thus won’t benefit from the GitHub integration
  • Maintainers that has no resources to do the routine check (or just lazy enough to not set up one)

Just my 2¢, request for comments.

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Bumping post after a month of inactivity.