Feature Request - Integreate FFMPEG in Audacity Snap


So I have a particular use case where I will right-click a video file (like a .mp4) and import it directly into Audacity. My understanding is that this works via the FFMPEG library, if it’s available. The snap version of Audacity does not appear to be able to access this library on the host machine, to the import fails.

(A similar thing will happen, for example, if you’re trying to export an mp3 and the liblame library isn’t available. However, the snap version includes this library in the snap, so mp3 support is included in the snap and it all works as expected)

Would it be possible to make the snap aware of 1.) The presence of FFMPEG installed on the host machine, 2.) The presence of the FFMPEG snap installed on the host machine, or 3.) Include the necessary FFMPEG libraries in the snap itself?

This request has an issue open on the github: https://github.com/diddlesnaps/audacity/issues/3

Let me know if there’s any more detail I can provide, or anything I can do to help.