[Feature] Anonymous posts and delete account

See the title. ago i deleted account and i saw all posts deleted then add option to select “anonymous posts and delete account”

Sorry, I may be being dim, but I am unable to parse your post. Please can you elaborate with more words, what exactly you’re trying to communicate. Thanks.

Sure. We can delete our https://forum.snapcraft.io/ account through account settings
Now, when we delete our accounts then it erase all topics posted on this forum (topics including important questions useful for other users, feature requests etc)

So i mean, add two options for delete account

  • [current] Delete account (erase everything)
  • [new] Anonymous topics and delete (topics will remain under anonymous name and other all user data get deleted)

It’s similar to github “ghost” accounts (just opened issues remain)

Ah okay. Well, we’re using discourse, so this seems like a feature which might be useful to any site using discourse. Might be worth mentioning to them upstream?

I’m under the impression this is already a thing but you might have to ask a forum admin to actually do it