(fast)Track requests for root-framework

It’s the start of that special time of year where I come asking for new tracks, particularly, can you please create v6.26 for root-framework following on from the original request.

In the future I’ll keep coming back to this thread for the future tracks to avoid spamming up the forums section.

Thanks in advance!

Sure thing, +1 as reviewer, due to already-existing tracks this was fast-tracked (hehe), your track is now ready.

  • Daniel
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Hi Daniel,


Has it really been so long?

Could I please have the v6-28 track created for root-framework.

(I imagine 6.30 will be a lot sooner!)

Thanks in advance

How time flies :slight_smile:

Certainly = though I assume the dash is a typo. I’ve created 6.28 in accordance with previous tracks. But do let me know if you’re thinking of changing to 6-28 and I can gladly update things.

  • Daniel
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Thanks again!

The dash is indeed a typo (or freudian slip?); that’s how it is in the git repo and a few other places, but in the store I’m happy with the fullstop :slight_smile:

Hello world

(Miss you Dan!)

Could I please have a v6.30 track for root-framework, in line with the above requests.

Thanks in advance!


This is done. v6.30 has been successfully created for root-framework.



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Thank you Odysseus! :slight_smile: