Failure of snap set

I’ve installed home-assistant-configurator snap, but when I want to configure some field :

$ sudo snap get home-assistant-configurator server.basepath.dir
have tried

sudo snap set home-assistant-configurator server.basepath.dir="/var/snap/home-assistant-snap/current"

But I get the message :
erreur : cannot perform the following tasks:
- Exécuter la configuration du point d’accroche du paquet Snap “home-assistant-configurator” (run hook “configure”: Expecting value: line 13 column 17 (char 346))

What does it mean, what should I try?

Was this a typo, or a direct copy+paste? The home-assistant-configurator Snap will be unable to access the path /var/snap/home-assistant-snap/current, because its data paths provided by Snapd are /var/snap/home-assistant-configurator/current and /var/snap/home-assistant-configurator/common