Failing to reuse chromium on runtime

I have an app that depends on chromium.

I have added in snapcraft.yml:
- stage-snaps: [chromium]

it packaged and released successfully (+140mb to the snap size).

But when running, my app fails to find chromium in path. How could I access/link that?

Source for app (without chromium):

Where does the chromium snap end up in your snap’s filesystem hierarchy?

Seems the documentation is lacking some, but the release notes where stage-snaps are introduced describe this.

I will make sure the release notes get updated.

Ok, so if I read this correctly at the root of your snap’s filesystem there will be the command-chromium.wrapper script, which is what you should use to launch chromium. Your app might need to be patched to run that script instead of looking for a chromium or chromium-browser binary.

Understood, so just aim for the absolute path as /command-chromium.wrapper?

Or rather, $SNAP/command-chromium.wrapper.

Please don’t rely on the existence of that wrapper, it is a snapcraft implementation detail that can go away.

Right, so use the contents of that wrapper script:

exec "$SNAP/bin/desktop-launch" "$SNAP/bin/chromium.launcher" "$@"