Failed to stage: parts with files with different contents


I’m building a snap and I’m getting the following error message on the stage part:

Failed to stage: Parts X and Y have the following files, but with different contents:

I understand I can use stage keyword to select which files I want to stage, but the problem I see is that lib64 is actually a folder, is there a way to merge the folder from different parts during the stage process?

If I do snapcraft --debug and inspect the files under install for part X and Y, the contents are the following:

Part X

Part Y

I don’t see a reason why the lib64 folder couldn’t be merged.

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I’m having this same problem. Any guidance?

Ah, I get it. This is a link, not a directory.

Hey @sam.dieck and @elopio,

I stumbled on your question while trying to fix this issue myself. I had the same exact problem. The fix for it is in this forum post. Take care!