Failed to find extension 'gnome-3-28'

When the snap build is running on Jenkins, error appears Failed to find extension 'gnome-3-28': a extension by that name does not exist. Check the extension name and try again.
The dockerfile specifies the installation of the extension. Please help me how to install the gnome-3-28 extension correctly, if this is the problem. Or should I ask this question on the Jenkins forum?

Hi and welcome :slight_smile:

What version of snapcraft are you running inside your jenkins builds? or where are you acquiring it from?

Install in dockerfile using apt-get install snapd snapcraft.
At the same time, everything is running successfully locally from the terminal, the problem is in the build via Jenkins with the missing gnome-3-28 extension.

The version of Snapcraft you can get from the apt repositories is out of date. You should use the version that is installed as a Snap package. This will be an issue with dockerfile usage, however, so you might want to consider the Docker Image with Snapcraft already installed.