Failed to connect to SDP server - Permission Problem

I’m trying to run SDP server on bluetooth using my snap with sdptool, however I get the error “Failed to connect to SDP server on FF:FF:FF:00:00:00: No such file or directory” do you know how can I solve this problem in ubuntu snappy core?

@brunosfer what hardware is this, are all interfaces connected properly yet ? is other bluetooth stuff working ?

@koza do you happen to have an idea here ?

I’m running Ubuntu Core Snappy on Raspberry Pi 3 B. I have bluetooth-control and bluez installed v5.44

Does bluetooth in general work with your setup ?
(i.e. do you get scan results when in the bluetoothctl console etc)

there are some hints in

… not everything is implemented yet …

Hey, could you provide journal/syslog so that we see the denials. Moreover please run scanlog as explained here in the 'Debugging confined apps" section.



Is it still open issue? or do you have solution for it?
I also have same problem, it is killing me.

Well, bluetooth should at least work on UC18 and UC20 (i have not tried UC16) if you have the pi-bluetooth and bluez snaps installed (and their respective interfaces connected) … i’m currently testing BT a lot with:

… and it works relatively well (all input devices work, audio still has some stuttering issues due to missing and outdated firmware pieces in the pi-kernel snap) …

On a UC18 system I have running here I use a bunch of BLE devices with node-red-rpi as well …

That said, I have never used SDP server in this setup, but I see no reason why it would not work.