Failed to build : Releasing a snap

Hey there!

Couple of days ago I released a snap. Everything went good, but, all of the sudden, now I’m unable to ‘‘Build’’ the snap for different architectures. Each time I try to ‘‘Trigger a new build’’ it shows the error: Failed to build.

Can someone tell me how can I fix this? I’m quite sure it’s a problem with the snapcraft.yaml file.


Hi @alexelzx,

You should be able to click on the ID of the build to see the logs:

Alternatively, you can try building locally.

while this is true if you have directly accessed the LP page of a build, there is no connection at all from<package>/builds to the LP page …

to find the actual LP page you need to look at the first few lines of the log from a successful build on<package>/builds where you can find he actual LP link in the head of the log… from there you can go to LP and find the bit with the above screenshot …

i have been asking a few times before over the last few years, if we could have a link from to LP for being able to inspect failed builds, but apparently that was not desired…

Hi again to both of you,

Alright, I’ll check that and I’ll be back as soon as I know something.