Failed review task should be retried or the job removed from queue

I’ve been struggling to get my CI tasks to complete successfully with uploads going successfully to the store, but the release attempt spinning/blackholing with no return. It seems that the problem was there had been a failed review task (not a rejection) that was blocking the queue:


Manually rejecting and removing the job from the queue has succeeded in unblocking the pipe and reviews are correctly passing again. Perhaps if a review task fails (not rejects) it should either be re-queued or removed from the queue entirely instead of just sitting there blocking the pipe for follow-up attempts. This problem is exacerbated by the lack of evidence via email alert or notice in unless or until I remember that there is the hidden that has information that isn’t exposed anyplace else.

Copy pasta of the task ID for anyone desiring to look through the logs on the backend: 10554569-bd75-49cb-a6cc-2ba69af1f3bb