Extremely delayed emails

Not that it especially matters but emails from the forums based on replies to threads appear to be lagging behind by several hours. The one I just received was for a 7 hour old reply. Others have been similar.

It would be nice if they were more timely! Thanks!

FWIW, as of last Friday I was getting emails for forum replies within an hour, IIRC it’s supposed to be sent 10 minutes after the reply is posted.

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(and indeed I got an email for my reply here within 10 minutes of sending it)

Thanks. I guess it’s either an anomaly or something on this end.

For whatever reason, your last response just arrived in my inbox and the one before it was also similarly delayed. But at least it’s not universally a problem.

It is a very common issue that users face a delay in receiving emails in the Outlook account. In most of all email client and Internet service providers, it will take time to load email messages. … Most probably, the issue is related to the server that delivers and retrieves the messages in your system.