External file change sync may be slow | Android Studio 2021.2.1.14

Hi there,

I’m running Ubuntu 20.04 (Focal Fossa). I’ve installed Android Studio’s latest/stable version 2021.2.1.14 release 121. When I launch Android Studio, I get the following message: “External file change sync may be slow” I checked around online and found the following related link and this link. However:

  1. The file /snap/android-studio/121/bin/fsnotifier is already an executable.
  2. I’m also unable to replace this file as others (who aren’t using an Android Studio snap) have done.

P.S. The Android Studio Canary snap doesn’t have this problem on the same system.

Any ideas?

For anyone experiencing this issue, seems like a fix may be on the way.

As of this writing, the snap version of Android Studio: version 2021.2.1.15 revision: 123 did not fix this issue. Since Ubuntu’s first point release is now available, I upgraded to Jammy Jellyfish and this problem is gone.