External bash script to retrieve path of latest chromium snap download

I have the lastest chromium snap 119.0.6045.199 2023-12-04 (2704) installed on xubuntu 22.04. The previous version (2695) recorded all downloads it did to "/home/-user-/snap/chromium/current/.local/share/recently-used.xbel and an external bash script was able to retrieve the latest download that chromium did from that file. This latest chromium version neither uses nor maintains that file, and it’s otherwise impossible for an external bash script to retrieve chromium’s latest download.

What needs to be done so an external bash script is able to retrieve the latest download that chromium did?

The chromium snap again updated from 119.0.6045.199 2023-12-04 (2704) to 120.0.6099.71 2023-12-08 (2713) which again restored chromium maintaining and using “/home/-user-/snap/chromium/current/.local/share/recently-used.xbel”

Is “/home/-user-/snap/chromium/current/.local/share/recently-used.xbel” a permanent feature of chromium? Where can I get further information and documentation regarding this?

There should be snapcraft API to do this things but who knows?

‘snap download chromium’ do what?

Hi xode0000,

I have asked the maintainers/publishers of the chromium snap to respond.

Hi xode0000,

The file in question originates from when gtkfileselector writes to record files opened/saved though gtk. Its normally located in ~/.local/share/recently-used.xbel, but for snaps its located in the snap private dir. Future guarantees of that file is a GTK question, and nothing todo with the chromium snap.

Firefox continued to use that file when it updated, during the time the first chromium update stopped using that file and before the chromium update right after that again restored that file’s function. This would suggest the chromium snap does have an effect on that file, and I’m requesting that whoever maintains the chromium snap makes sure that file’s function is always working.

Maintaining the availability of that file’s function can only be a very good thing. The availability of that file, when combined with iwatch and clamdscan, allows real time scanning of anything the browser saves or downloads without bogging down the system in the slightest.

Could you please communicate this to whoever maintains GTK or let me know who I need to communicate this to in GTK?