Examples of Snap running SSH-Agent

I’m building my first snap ever, for an shell script that wraps a few things and among them ssh agent usage. Are there any examples of snaps running ssh-agent successfully within a snap? I have read up, understand that there are no such plugs (yet) Ssh-agent plug request. Yes, there are interfaces to read the ssh-keys of the user after connect, but as to running the agent itself no. I tried getting the example suggested in the link to work, but no luck, and I would really like to see a working example of this is an snapcraft.yml I think to get further.

Thankful for any pointers to snaps that succesfully has done this.

Note: installing my snap with --devmode works, but I don’t want to suggest this to my users :slight_smile: Note2: The current snap (that only works in --devmode with ssh-agent). https://github.com/janderssonse/changelog-tag/blob/main/snap/snapcraft.yaml

Bumping this, does someone has any good examples for this (ssh-agent, snap, core22?):slight_smile: