Would be nice to have evolution not only as flatpak but also snap package :slight_smile:

Don’t know if this is even feasible.

if it is feasible as a flatpak it is surely working as a snap too …

evolution brings/needs many userspace services though that all want/need to integrate with the desktop (evolution-data-server,-alarm-notify,-address-book- and -calendar-factory) i’m not sure if/how the flatpak solves that integration or if it is even possible to solve with full confinement … this is likely not a trivial task …

Expected that :sweat_smile:

Would be a nice one, as the apt source often is very outdated.

I maybe will try it in some time but a complete beginner with snap building. will try another project first :slight_smile:

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Do post here, maybe in a separate topic if its another project, if you have any troubles :blush:

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Using Evolution and Ubuntu for quite some time now (21 and 17 years, respectively), I would like to be up to date in future, too. Due to the advantages of the new package formats I changed recently on Ubuntu 22.04 to Evolution from flathub, because I could not find a snap. Now I have the whole flatpak infrastructure on my system for just one app. I would appreciate a Evolution snap!

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