Espers snap wont start

Hello all,

I use snap with Ubuntu 20.04 on a raspberry, pi 4. I have installed this snap - > with sudo snap install espers --edge - - devmode

Installation work without errors. sudo snap list shows that espers version with rev 5 and tracking latest/edge anthonniofbc devmode is installed.
I will run the snap with snap run espers… but i receive the message Cannot find app “espers” in “espers”

Can anyone help me and know why espers wont Start?

Thanks and Stay safe!

probably simply because it is not ready for general use yet …

it seems to only have had one release at all … only to the edge channel and it still requires --devmode … also, the description still uses the boilerplate message …

So i cant start this snap?

well, snap info espers shows it is rather empty (8kb in size) … i doubt there is anything in it even …

Pity bot ok :pensive:. Can do not anything. Thanks for your help.

just in general … if a snap requires --edge and --devmode it is typically not ready or at least still in development (and snap install .... should also have warned you abut this) …

Yes install have warned me. But I thought I could start the snap anyway.