Errors when building via launchpad


I have a git repository that is mirrored on launchpad, and a snap package configured to build from that repo when updates hit the master branch.

On my latest update the build fails, and I don’t understand why, I’m hoping someone can help. Running snapcraft cleanbuild on my 18.04 system builds fine.

The relevant part of the build log seems to be this:

Running build phase...
Skipping pull config (already ran)
Skipping pull lws (already ran)
Skipping pull mosquitto (already ran)
Failed to reuse files from previous run: The 'pull' step of 'script' is out of date:
The source has changed on disk.
To continue, clean that part's 'pull' step by running `snapcraft clean script -s pull`.

Snap on launchpad:
Failing build log:
Successful build log from previous version:

This appears to the source of your problems:

I ran into the exact same issue. See here:

The solution is to move your default_config.conf and files to a subdirectory named local.

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That does indeed fix it, I’m surprised I didn’t run into it before. Thanks for the tip.