Error when starting cnctsun withing this snap

I can’t find any category for my question so I’ll post it here and hope for the best.

I so love TSun which I think is the best of them all as the later one just had more 3D stuff added which I didn’t care about, also as the view was closer I had to move the camera all of the time thus less time for the game… weird thinking there :stuck_out_tongue:

I just can’t get this to work and I get an error I can’t find a solution for.

Using Arch Linux with AwesomeWM and it’s up to date. Got a nvidia 1060 6G in this machine and that should work more than adequate for this game. 16G of memory.

When starting cnctsun withing the GUI a window just flashes up for like .5 seconds then closes, when starting it in a console I get this error shown: (I had to write this manually cos the copy/paste didn’t work so if there is any spelling error…)

    basher52@ArchGamer --> cnctsun
    WARNING: cgroup v2 is not fully supported yet,proceeding with partial confinement.
    (yad:40686): dbind-WARNING **: 01:00:25:956: Couldn't connect to accessibility bus: Failed to connect to socket /tmp/dbus-g8JIQmlfop: No such file of directory

    (yad:40686): GLib-CRITICAL **: 01:00:31:253: g_source_remove: assertion 'tag > 0' failed
    basher52@ArchGamer --> X Error: BadValue
    Request Major code 151 (GLX)
    Request Minor code 3 ()
    Value 0x0
    Error Serial #237
    Current Serial #238
    basher52@ArchGamer -->