Error when creating the package

I am trying to create a package using the starcraft command, to which I get the following error
An error occurred with the instance when trying to launch with ‘multipass’: returned exit code 2.
Ensure that ‘multipass’ is setup correctly and try again.

I also tried to create using Snapcraft --use-lxd, and I get the following error

can you upload the snapcraft.yaml file from where you are creating the snap?

Here are my files, in the same directory I’m trying to create a snap package

Copy the contents of the snapcraft.yaml file and paste it here. I think the error might be related to your plugin or you are missing some required propertry ( go-packages or source ). Not totally sure.

Here is the contents of snapcraft. yaml

okay. so, you are missing two required properties source and go-packages

Your snapcraft.yaml file’s part section should look something like this

    plugin: go
    source: # the directory or the location where the files are located
    go-packages:  # list of go packages
    go-importpath: rso1

I highly recommend that you through the tutorials of creating snaps for go application

Now I get the following error

Please do upload the updated contents of the snapcraft.yaml file.

I didn’t add go-packages:
Since I do not understand what needs to be written in it
I’m trying to create a test package

Did you go through the tutorial? Where is your “apps” section of the snap?