Error: unrecognized arguments: --http-proxy


Are --http(s)-proxy still supported on 7.x? This failure seems to be new on 7.x and still work on 6.x.

root@f1:~# snapcraft --use-lxd --http-proxy=http://squid.internal:3128 --https-proxy=http://squid.internal:3128 Usage: snapcraft [options] command [args]…
Try ‘snapcraft pack -h’ for help.

Error: unrecognized arguments: --http-proxy=http://squid.internal:3128 --https-proxy=http://squid.internal:3128

Thanks, Corey


Sorry about that, this is indeed a bug.

@cmatsuoka @mr_cal this might be a candidate for 7.1.x


@sergiusens Do you think you could take a look at this report I filed too?

Corey and I appear to have similar workflows with snapcraft and this is an issue I noticed with building using multipass when trying to pull libdevmapper-dev as a build-package. This doesn’t seem to be a problem when building using LXD, only multipass. Not sure if this is a wider affecting other devs, but it might be a nasty surprise for anyone building snap packages that require lvm2 with multipass.

You can still use the http_proxy environment variables.