Error on login on

Anything I can do about this?

I get that after it tells me I need to register the snap before continuing.

@noise @evan Any ideas?

May 19

@noise @evan Any ideas?

@roadmr I think you fixed this same error, in that past, in
any chance you could share what you did and how the fix can be applied to

fwiw, this now works but some authoritative answer here from someone that knows what to do next time would be good.

We saw this in the past on when one of the memcached units went down. Memcached is used to keep ephemeral session data stored in a location accessible to all application units.

Colin checked BSI’s memcacheds and none of them seem to have had this problem, so we’re not sure what happened, we will need to dig into available logs to see what we can find.

We’re tracking this issue here. I’d appreciate you commenting on GitHub if you’ve personally encountered it.