Error launching gitkraken

Errro while lunching gitkraken >

execl failed: No such file or directory
child exited with status 1

Am running Fedora 29
snap list is:

core 16-2.36.1+git1010.f00ff93 5940 edge canonical✓ core
core18 18 442 stable canonical✓ base
eog 3.28.4 49 stable canonical✓ -
gitkraken 4.1.1 134 stable gitkraken✓ -

snap info gitkraken


  • gitkraken
    snap-id: aWUrHnWTzA1R71VuWsBG5v8S0ibIxmjR
    tracking: stable
    refresh-date: today at 10:56 IST
    stable: 4.1.1 (134) 199MB - <
    candidate: 4.1.1 (134) 199MB -
    beta: ↑
    edge: 4.1.1 (134) 199MB -
    installed: 4.1.1 (134) 199MB -

Seeing the same problem with the chromium and libreoffice snaps, both are based on core18.
They run fine everywhere else (including fedora 28).

@zyga-snapd: is there a known issue with fedora 29 and core18 ?

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I don’t know, yet. CC @Conan_Kudo

@zyga-snapd, @Conan_Kudo: any update on this?

It’s been reported that core18 based snaps also fail to start with a similar error on Solus.

@zyga-snapd, @Conan_Kudo: any update on this?

Also, do you know who maintains snapd on Solus?

No update yet, I just returned to work after extended winter holidays.

It is maintained by Solus developers. We have no influence over it.