Error installing snap downloaded from github

I downloaded notable_1.1.0_amd64.snap

It does not appear to be in the snapcraft
store (yet).

at the command line from the Download
directory I type:
sudo snap install notable_1.1.0_amd64.snap
(all on one line)
I get the error msg:
cannot find signatures with metadata for snap

I am not aware where to get these
Any help appreciated.

Use the --dangerous flag if you trust the snap publisher and is willing to install snaps locally.

sudo snap install --dangerous notable_1.1.0_amd64.snap

In addition, you may want to file a friendly issue requesting the upstream developer pushes it to the store. If you install from a downloaded snap with --dangerous you’ll get no updates when the upstream developer makes new versions available on github.

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This seems to imply that the signatures/metadata
are generated by the snapcraft store and do not
exist or are not available anywhere else. Is that

And thanks for the above responses - --dangerous flag did get it to install.

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Correct. The snap is signed by the store. If you didn’t get it from the store, it didn’t go via the store, hence requiring the --dangerous flag to indicate you accept the risk.

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Publish to the Snap store · Issue #98 · fabiospampinato/notable

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Nice one for helping the upstream understand what they need to do! There’s a surprising number of applications built with electorn-builder, which automatically have a snap file in their github downloads page, but the upstream is unaware of the snap store. We should probably have a co-ordinated effort (so we don’t duplicate work, and it’s not just one person doing it) to get these in the store.

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