Error installing pc-kernel snap

Hello, I tried to install pc-kernel snap on Kubuntu 23.04. The following error appeared:

error: cannot perform the following tasks:
- Mount snap "pc-kernel" (1383) (cannot refresh kernel with change created by old snapd that is missing gadget update task)

I don’t know if I really can run the pc-kernel snap on a normal Kubuntu installation, but I report this for your information. I simply run snap install pc-kernel

Hi aci,

Ubuntu Core images requires a kernel snap:

This error happens because you are trying to install a kernel snap on a non Ubuntu Core system/device. In case you are interested, this is where the update gadget task is created by the installer, if it detects Ubuntu Core.

It is not specific Kubuntu, but all non Ubuntu Core systems.

If you want to share what you are aiming for, we can advise further.

Hello, thanks for your quick reply. I don’t have a specific reason to install it, I just found that package and tried to see if I can run it as a normal kernel.

Thanks for you explanation.