Error exposed in journal but not to user

I installed cool-retro-term ages ago, before it was converted to being a classic snap. I frequently snap refresh but clearly, due to it moving from strict to classic, it won’t refresh that application.

However, I just discovered that the journal does indeed log this event.

Feb 28 11:56:46 KinkPad-K450 snapd[1344439]: snapstate.go:1001: cannot update "cool-retro-term": snap "cool-retro-term" requires classic confinement

Why do we not expose this to the user when they run snap refresh? Nobody runs journalctl -f -u snapd as a matter of course, so would never discover this error. Please can we consider showing this to the user so they’re empowered to fix it.


The plan of record for this kind of issues is to use the warning mechanism that we implemented, to surface them. We haven’t got to that yet though.