Error: DNS lookup failed


(its my first day)
So I used snap to install openra on my raspberry pi4.

After sometime found the commands to run the game installer
snap run openra.d2k
snap run openra.ra
snap run openra.cnc

After the installer GUI launches both the quick install and advanced install give me Error: DNS lookup failed.

How do I fix that?
Also it would be nice if there were some more basic tutorials specifically for the PI.

welcome to the community !

if you make some kind of support request here, it always helps to attach the full output of snap version so people trying to help can see what versions of the different parts involved in snap handling are installed on your system.

regarding the DNS error, it seems openra makes some use of avahi, is the avahi-control interface connected ?

you can check with snap connections openra

techincally snaps should not really differ between a PC install and a RPi install, so special tutorials should not be necessary (famous last words indeed :slight_smile: )