Error: cannot install local and store snaps at the same time

what consists of a store?

can I have my own store?

If I sign it or something does this get around the problem of local and remote snaps? If so is there directions for this?

How do I ad a snap to a store?

Is this local and remote restriction error apply to : similar naming store package or is IT ALL STORE packages that trigger the error?

Is there a work around ?

I would like to continue to use store snaps while trying to build my own since I don’t have multiple systems and my system is underpowered when it comes to virtual machines.

Thanks in advance

It’s totally possible to have local and store snaps installed at the same time.

Can you detail the command you’re using that results in the error you mentioned in the title?

  • Daniel

udo snap install ./myanboxtest.snap anbox_d --devmode --dangerous


got cut off sudo snap install ./myanboxtest.snap anbox_d --devmode --dangerous

You cannot mix local and non-local snaps in a single install command. This is intentional. Try this instead:

snap install ./myanboxtest.snap --devmode --dangerous
snap install anbox_d

i think that anbox_d is actually meant as a namespace for a parallel install that is supposed to run along with another anbox snap installed from the snap store … (i have been supporting @wanfuse123 for a few days on different channels the last days)

Thanks guys!

Yes that is correct. It is for parallel instances of a custom anbox…

So maybe you want sudo snap install ./myanboxtest.snap --name anbox_d --devmode --dangerous ?

Assuming that myanboxtest.snap actually has snap.yaml that declares name: anbox.

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that works ! Thank you very much!

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