Error building uhttpd because no modules specified

I followed the Snapcraft tutorial titled “Snapcraft Live - Building server snaps” and this tutorial is on YouTube:

The author show that he can build uhttpd without error, but I am running into an error:

kris@dev:~/myapp-snap/edge$ snapcraft
Launching a VM.
Skipping pull edge (already ran)
Skipping pull uhttpd (already ran)
Skipping build edge (already ran)
Building uhttpd 
+ snapcraftctl build
+ go mod download
go: no modules specified (see 'go help mod download')
Failed to build 'uhttpd'.

Recommended resolution:
Check the build logs and ensure the part's configuration and sources are correct.
Run the same command again with --debug to shell into the environment if you wish to introspect this failure.

Why is it that I am running into an error with this and the author did not? Can I tell Snapcraft not to run the go mod download during the build?

Solve the issue and put solution on GitHub: