Error Building Flutter App

I am trying to snap linwood a flutter note-taking app using flutter extension on core22 but it produces the following errors -

Expected to find project root in current working directory.
+ flutter pub get
::    Woah! You appear to be trying to run flutter as root.
::    We strongly recommend running the flutter tool without superuser privileges.
::   /

Here is the YAML -->

Your source url is pointing to a built binary, so you don’t actually want to use the flutter plugin. Something like the dump plugin would work well for this.

You can drop the build-packages as well.

Ok i understand, but regarding the build packages, its flutter which reported that curl is missing so i added them ??

You shouldn’t need them for the dump plugin.

Ok, trying with dump plugin

Hey there this is the error i get after changing to dump plugin…

container.go:177: in snap "linwood": "butterfly" should be world-readable and executable, and isn't: -rw-r--r--
error: snap is unusable due to bad permissions)

Add an override-build to your linwood part that does a chmod a+x butterfly

The Snap is build but now gives this error -->


Edit: Home plug was missing added that, hope it will fix this

Yeah, home plug will fix that