EOL of Snap for the Barrier project


I just wanted to enquire on how to deperecate a Snap. I used to help maintain Barrier and the Flatpak/Snap.

However, I stepped down from Barrier some time back (https://github.com/input-leap/input-leap/issues/1414), and no longer maintain Barrier, the Flatpak, or the Snap.

I have transferred ownership of the Flatpak, but I’m unsure how to deperecate the Snap. Barrier is not active, so there is no promise of updates.

Can someone advise? Thank you.

I guess request for rename will be a better option. Don’t know if one can mirror their package though.

@shymega the recommended way to “deprecate” the snap depends on what your future plans for it are, if any.

If you want to relinquish the snap name entirely, we can “revoke” it, which completely unpublishes and erases the snap in its current form (the actual uploaded blobs are not removed but they become entirely unaccessible). You will not be able to re-register the name in the future (though it becomes available for others to register if desired).

If you want to keep the name for possible future use, you can either close all channels (the snap will be findable but nobody will be able to install it because there are no available revisions ) or make the snap private (nobody will be able to find or install it, only you). These are non-permanent, you can republish existing revisions, upload new ones, and/or make it public again if you change your mind.

Let me know which of these options you prefer; you have to ask us for a revocation but closing channels or making it private are things you can do directly.

  • Daniel

Thanks for explaining. It’s a shame, but Barrier just isn’t maintained anymore, it seems.

I think I’ll go with the second option in the event Barrier perks up again.

I’ll be registering an Input Leap Snap soon before we release v3.

Thanks again.

  • Dom.
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