Ensure package manager repositories and GPG keys are configured


I want to execute CIS Benchmark tests on my Dell Edge Gateway device with Ubuntu core-16 running on it. In two of those particular are:

  1. Ensure package manager repositories are configured (https://secscan.acron.pl/ubuntu1604/1/2/1)
  2. Ensure GPG keys are configured(https://secscan.acron.pl/ubuntu1604/1/2/2)

I’m unable to find commands for ubuntu core-16 those are equivalent to:

  1. $ apt-cache policy
  2. $ apt-key list

Please let me know if any other information is required. Thank you in advance. :slight_smile:

Ubuntu Core does not have those commands enabled because apt/debian packages are not available on Ubuntu Core. Ubuntu Core only supports installing applications using snaps.

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Thank you for this information.
However there can be some equivalent command for snap packages is what I’m looking for.

I tried to look up this:
“Ubuntu Core only supports installing applications using snaps.”
Can you please guide me any document where I can know more about this?

Thank you.

Since you seem to be working on understanding how to secure Ubuntu Core, I’d recommend giving the original whitepaper about Ubuntu Core and snaps a read here: https://assets.ubuntu.com/v1/66fcd858-ubuntu-core-security-whitepaper.pdf

Other than that, we also have some content on the blog at Ubuntu Blog | Ubuntu (see especially the Internet f Things section, but the other sections have content on snaps too) and at snapcraft.io/docs, otherwise here at the forum we’d be happy to answer any more questions you might have :slight_smile:

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