Enable tracks for yq

yq is a cli tool for manipulating yaml files, akin to jq.

I have recently released a major version of yq (v4) which is completely backwards incompatible with v3. For many users using snap in their CI - this will break their build and they have requested a means to keep v3 until a convenient time for them to upgrade (https://github.com/mikefarah/yq/issues/625)

I would like to create a v3 and v4 track in my snap build to allow users to control which version they are using.

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Hi there,

Your use case looks reasonable for tracks, so +1 from me as reviewer.

Could other @reviewers please vote on this request?

  • Daniel

+1 from me as well. .

Hi, we have the required +2 votes and since you filed your request more than 7 days ago I’ve gone ahead and created the v3 and v4 tracks for yq.

  • Daniel

Fantastic! I just tried to promote the 3.4.1 release to the v3 stable but it doesn’t seem to work? Clicked the release, selected promote to stable. I can see the release numbers under stable in the table, but when I click save they disappear?

Tried promoting to edge, same thing…

Looks like it’s working now - too impatient :wink:

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