Enable classic confinement for SQL Developer

SQL Developer is a very famous sql manager. Please allow classic confinement for it.

Snap name is sqldeveloper-fcrespo82

Packaging lives here: https://github.com/fcrespo82/sqldeveloper-fcrespo82.

Why is classic confinement required for this instead of strict confinement, optionally with the ‘home’ and ‘removable-media’ interfaces?

‘home’ would give access to only non-hidden files, but where the SQL
developer jdk is saved is a file inside a hidden folder .sqldeveloper

But I may be wrong. I’m just starting with snaps.

@fcrespo82 - thanks for providing this information. You should be able to run this snap in strict mode if that is all you need. Strict mode snaps run in their own snap-specific areas and environment variables are used so your snap can use these directories. See https://docs.snapcraft.io/reference/env for details.

You might also want to read Can browsers open local files? on the reasoning. You should be able to adjust your snap to simply use $HOME/.sqldeveloper for its directory. Is this sufficient for your snap to work in strict mode?

I think it is enough. Thank you for the response. I’ll try that and if I need any other help I’ll update the thread.