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Hi, would it be possible to receive an email notification when a snap has passed (or failed) a store review? Currently my reviews take about 2 weeks, and unless I check daily for the published store versions in the channels I have no clue if the review has passed.

This should happen automatically - @roadmr can you provide any more details on which email address these get sent to for a given snap? I assume it is the primary email address for the Ubuntu One / account which publishes the snap.

Would be the Volsung snap in this case.

You can check the email address for your developer account in

Emails are sent to the registrant/owner of the snap and to the uploader of the revision that triggered the email. In this case @drpeterfranz appears to be the owner of the snap. Please check the above URL and ensure your email address there is correct. If not, it should be editable by:

1- go to 2- add new email address 3- log out of 4- log back in with the new email address

Let me know if you need to update it and it doesn’t work.

  • Daniel

Hi Daniel, the email address is already set correctly. When I submit a snap I get a notification, so it’s correctly in the system. But I have never gotten a notification when the snap has passed the review.

I don’t think we send out email when a review passes. The assumption, I believe, is that most snap uploads will be correct and will pass review, we’d be spamming terribly if we sent a notification on each approved upload (keep in mind there are snaps that upload dozens of builds per day).

The templates I found are for:

  • Upload was auto-rejected
  • Upload was held for manual review
  • Upload was rejected (different from an auto-reject which is initiated by the scanning script, a reject could be from a reviewer manually rejecting the revision).

Notably though, an email is also sent if the reviewer leaves feedback, which unless Alex says otherwise, I believe is the usual procedure when manually approving a revision, so that should cover for the lack of automated approval emails.

  • Daniel
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I would agree that an email for an automatic pass is probably not needed. But in case for the manual review I have to wait approximately two weeks, and I need to organise other parts of my release once it has passed snap. So if a manual review has passed then an email would be appropriate in my opinion.

manual reviews usually only happen once for a snap and are also normally attached to a forum discussion before getting granted …

after a manual approval has been granted by adding a snap declaration in the store there should be no further manual reviews.

do you change your interface plug selection with every upload or why do you experience more than one manual review ? this is very unusual and sounds like something is broken …

For the last patch I indeed added an interface; however I have not received emails after all previous snap reviews.

The snap in question has the problem that it has executable code in the stack in one of the required AWS libraries that it supplies. This always triggers a manual store review, although it has been approved. In my opinion there should be a rule added to the review basically saying “if it fails the automatic review due to exactly XXX reason” then automatically let it pass. It’s quite annoying having to wait two weeks if you want to release an urgent patch.