Electron pointer cursor

Is there anyway to provide a cursor theme or change some of the cursors in a snap package? When packaging an electron app and hovering over links you get a hand which points in the opposite direction to normal cursors. After a bit of use it gets quite annoying!


There’s some issues around the cursor not being themed as per the OS, but I was wondering if there’s anything we can do in the meantime to make them more consistent?


as a workaround/hack you could try including the dmz-cursor-theme package in you stage-packages and then fiddle with theme settings (ship your own gtkrc and such and point to it) from a wrapper script

here i do something like this for themes (not cursors though):

It seems this issues still not resolved for snap apps

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Have been more than a year since this error was reported, can we assume this problem solution still not on the horizon?

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