Electron apps and Wayland

As one of the few users of Snap packages on Gentoo this problem may not apply to many, but I’m seeking some advice that other with more experience may be able to help with.

While some of my snaps were working fine, I notices some not working at all. Launching those that didn’t work from the command line was yielding this:

 Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display: :0

A google search brought me here.

The same fix worked for me. Switching to Xorg and deleting the Wayland session lock files.

Question is, should these apps work on Wayland or is something not right with the Gentoo ebuild?


Example apps:


PS, these apps work fine as appimage or flatpak on wayland

These snaps need to fallback to XWayland, which the can be done with an env variable. You can see irccloud-desktop as an example electron app. https://github.com/snapcrafters/irccloud-desktop/blob/master/snap/snapcraft.yaml#L100

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Thank you for responding @kenvandine.
Do you think this is an issue with the apps themselves and not my unique configurations of snaps on Gentoo ?

you could just try if the irccloud-desktop snap works to verify this :wink:

You can also try setting the environment variable and running it yourself.

DISABLE_WAYLAND=1 snap run caprine

Thankyou, that works perfect. I will submit some PR’s so everyone else can benefit.