EL7 snap 2.56.2 causes certbot to fail

The EPEL package for EL7 and EL8 appears to be built differently. After installing the test package for EL7 and EL8 I could no longer run certbot on the EL7 instance. I logged a ticket with certbot and they said seems to be an issue with boringssl. Here is the link to the certbot issue:

I gave the package negative karma.

This issue is now affecting 2.57.6 installs too. 2152903 – 2.57.6 snapd on EL7 breaks certbot (redhat.com)

this is debugged and discussed in Snap-exec segfaults on CentOS 7, 2.57.6-1.el7

Thank you for linking the current issue in here. I’ll follow from there and close this.