Editing Nextcloud

I installed next cloud through snap. I cannot edit any files in the /snap folder which is causing a problem because I need to be able to configure the application. How can I edit these files?

Not many folks here will know the ins and outs of specific snaps; if you run snap info nextcloud you’ll find a link to where you can ask more detailed questions about that snap.

That said, snaps are always read-only by definition. What exactly are you wanting to configure? Nextcloud’s config.php? That’s located at /var/snap/nextcloud/current/nextcloud/config/config.php.

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I also tried sudo doesnt work

Yes, read-only as in actually read-only. :slight_smile: The packaged snap content is indeed not mutable. To change you need to rebuild the snap, which will change its content and thus its digest, and invalidate all of its signatures. It becomes effectively your own snap at this point.

But nextcloud is certainly capable of being configured. I’m sure someone will respond here with more qualified information shortly if you detail a bit more what you are really trying to achieve by editing files.

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I edited the one in var and the changes didn’t take. There is another one
in /snap that is the one running

Also having an issue with the Web interface. Files and directories are not
being saved. I think it’s because of snap permissions. Frustrated what’s
the point of installing an app if you can’t configure it

I’m afraid that’s not the one running. I suggest logging an issue here so you can get your Nextcloud-specific questions answered and issues triaged as necessary.