Eclipse Kura - How to access the UI admin


I installed Ubuntu Core on a Raspberry Pi 3 and I installed kura (not kura-nn). But i don’t know how to access to the UI. Normally, Eclipse Kura on a standard OS is accessible via IP address on a web browser, but here it doesn’t seem to work. Raspberry Pi and laptop are connected on the same WiFi and I can access Ubuntu Core from ssh.

Could anybody please help?

Thank you very much in advance!

both, the kura and kura-nn snap are maintained by @ondra, so i guess a bunch of things discussed in:

Eclipse Kura snap is available on store but unable to install

will also apply to the non -nn snap …

hi @alebaffa
there is web interface, so when you try to load IP address of device in web browser, it should bring up web interface